2021dec 15

Read the History behind the establishment of AmChamGR’s Culture Committee by Yanos Gramatidis

Zozo Lidoriki, Cultute Committee Chair of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, in her message on the informative leaflet for the “Cultural Tribute to Liberty” three day event, that will be held in February of 2022, recalls when, around ten years ago, the International Relations for Culture non-profit organization proposed to then-President and now Honorary President of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Yanos Gramatidis, that Culture should be incorporated into the Chamber’s activities, he was initially surprised, but then wisely said,

“Tell me why.”

The reply to that was simple:

“Because we, the people who work in culture, believe that Greece’s cultural product, old and new, is our country’s greatest competitive product. This product represents to the world Greece unscathed, and for this reason, must walk hand-in-hand with healthy entrepreneurship, in a mutually beneficial quid pro quo relationship.”.

This is the History of the formation of the Culture Committee established by Yanos Gramatidis.

You may read Zozo Lidoriki’s whole message at the last page of the informative leaflet for the “Cultural Tribute to Liberty” three day event, below: