2024mar 06

The Joint Ministerial Decision for the occupation of pensioners of e-EFKA (e-National Social Security Fund) who have retired was published in the Official Journal

Οn March 1st 2024, the Joint Ministerial Decision of the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance and the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security No. D[Δ]15/D[Δ]΄/14831/26-2-2024 [JMD] was published in the Official Journal (Β/1391/1-3-2024), in accordance with article 154 par.1 of law no. 5078/2023 (OJ A/211/2023), under the title «Occupation of pensioners of the e-National Social Security Fund who have retired by right».

By the aforementioned JMD the following are regulated:

  • the conditions, terms and procedure for collecting the insurance contributions and the e-EFKA levy,
  • the procedure for cross-checking and checking the data related to the pension and remuneration from the insurable occupation which is subject to e-EFKA contributions,
  • the start time and the method of collecting the levy through a labour stamp (ergosimo),
  • the creation of an electronic platform for the declaration of occupation (par. 10 of article 114 of law no 5078/2023) and the verification of the exceptions of par. 5 and 6 of article 114 of law no 5078/2023,
  • other related technical and detailed issues

You may read/download the JMD, as published in the Official Journal, here.

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