2024feb 05

Minimum salary law amendment: Introduced for discussion and voting at the Parliament

On 29-1-2024, the law amendment regarding the determination of the minimum salary as for the year 2024 was submitted to the Parliament in the bill of the Ministry of Education, Religions and Sports titled “Emergency measures to ban the sale of tickets and the presence of spectators at football matches for imperative reasons of protection of the public order and security” (A’ 203) – Taking measures to prevent and deal with violence in the context of sports meetings and other regulations of the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports”.

The above mentioned law amendment which was voted on the 01-02-2024, sets the deadlines in relation to the procedure for determining the minimum salary for the year 2024.

The increase of the minimum salary/wages will be applicable as from 01-04-2024.

You can find the text of the law amendment, as posted on the official website of the Parliament, here.