2022jan 17

Mediation in Greece: The ‘Formal’ and Various ‘Informal’ Types, Off- and Online

Mediation in Greece: The ‘Formal’ and Various ‘Informal’ Types, Off- and Online.

The Architecture of Mediation in Greece – Shifting towards a Culture That Values Consensus-Building

Dimitris Emvalomenos, Lawyer, LL.M., Accredited Mediator of the Greek Ministry of Justice & the Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), London, UK, Dep. Managing Partner of Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners (BGP), discusses the various and many “Mediation-type” dispute resolution procedures that exist throughout the Greek legislation spectrum, apart from the “typical” Mediation (Law 4640/2019).

At same time, Mediation is especially referred to by an increased number of laws on a variety of civil & commercial issues, whereas special types of Mediation are already being regulated (currently for financial, family and cadastre disputes).

Mediation keeps expanding because, actually, it is a life’s necessity in solving differences and the law merely tries to regulate certain aspects of it.

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The article was published in Corporate Mediation Journal – CMJ 2021 | 2 (December 2021).