2024apr 16

MEDIATION: Applying ESG to the resolution of disputes for sustainable solutions

Are ESG criteria important or not?
Why is the S at the center of ESG?
Does sustainability play a key role?
Can we borrow ideas from Darwin and Aristotle?
There are open and closed dispute resolution systems; what’s the difference and what’s the significance?
Is Mediation an open system, as opposed to litigation and arbitration?
Does Mediation have the added privilege of immediacy of time and consideration of emotions?
Can Mediation lead to sustainable solutions to disputes?
Is Mediation therefore an ESG practice?

Dimitris Emvalomenos, LL.M. (QMUL), Accredited Mediator of the Greek Ministry of Justice & the Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), London, UK, Dep. Managing Partner of Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners Law Firm (BGP), explores the above questions, attempting to codify the unique characteristics and multi-level benefits of Mediation, in the article “Mediation: Applying ESG to the resolution of disputes for sustainable solutions”, published in Sinogoros Legal Journal [issue n.160/2023] of Nomiki Bibliothiki.


  1. The debate
  2. In the end, why opt for Mediation?
  3. ESG and sustainability
  4. Mediation: an “open” system
  5. Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) and arbitration: “closed” systems
  6. CCP and, often, arbitration: solutions of last resort
  7. Mediation: time and emotion / humour
  8. Key takeaways 

You may read Dimitris Emvalomenos’ full article in the viewer below

The article is a summary of the presentation (without the videos and songs) of 27 June 2023 at the 5th Annual International Mediation and Arbitration Conference organized by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI and EODID Athens Mediation and Arbitration Organization, with the support of O.P.E.M.E.D., Diversity Charter Greece, EODID’s Mediators Training Body and the scientific journal “Arbitration & Mediation“.

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