2020oct 12

LEXOLOGY Getting The Deal Through |Public-Private Partnerships 2021 | Chapter Greece

Proud to announce that Vassilis Keramaris, Lawyer, Senior Associate of Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners, is the author of Chapter Greece of “Public-Private Partnerships 2021”, published by Law Business Research Ltd.

This edition in the LEXOLOGY Getting The Deal Through series addresses the key legislation governing the services and ventures undertaken in partnership between governments and the private sector.

Topics covered include: jurisdiction-specific legislative frameworks governing PPP, procurement procedures and processes, remuneration of private companies, restrictions on the ownership of projects, relevant legislation governing the design and construction of projects, operation and maintenance of projects, risk allocation between parties (including force majeure, third party, political, legal and macroeconomic risk) and compensation conditions, default, termination and dispute resolution, and PPP finance.

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Read Chapter Greece of Public-Private Partnerships 2021 below:


Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd.
This article was first published in LEXOLOGY Getting the Deal Through – Public-Private Partnerships 2021 (Published: October 2020).