2021nov 02

CEE LEGAL MATTERS: Bahas Gramatidis & Partners Provides Pro Bono Support on Restoring Ancient Olympia Olive Groves

Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners is providing pro bono legal support for the Western Greece Regional Governor’s initiative to restore and replace up to 100,000 olive trees out of those affected by the recent fires in the greater area of Ancient Olympia.

According to the firm, Partner Yanos Gramatidis was also involved in the mobilization of economic and social players in the United States, including the Arete Fund non-profit organization, to organize an online campaign for the purchase of the new olive orchards and their planting in the Ancient Olympia area.

During the first half of August 2021, following a prolonged drought and a severe heatwave, wildfires in the region have fully or partially burned up to 500,000 olive trees.

The Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners team is led by Partner Yanos Gramatidis.

First published: CEE LEGAL MATTERS / 29 October 2021 by Teona Gelashvili.
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