2013oct 29

International Encyclopedia of Agency and Distributions Agreements: Greece

The need for manufacturers – wholesalers (suppliers) to supply products en mass and to develop new markets, made it essential for them to collaborate with local associates (such as commercial agents – distributors). All the more since organizational and financial reasons require that suppliers are activated in those markets without actually setting up in the same.

2013apr 08

Quick Guide to Private Copy-Levy system

Copyright levies are the 21st century response to the advent of technological methods that facilitate the making of private copies of copyright-protected works. With these new technologies gradually enabling easier and increasingly exact copying of almost every form of creative work – the printed word, paintings, music, video, etc. – the authors have become unable to prevent or control private copying behaviour and thus enforce their ownership rights. Obtaining compensation for private copying directly from users also has become almost impossible.

2013mar 15

World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies

Under Greek intellectual property law, there is a fundamental distinction between copyright and industrial property. Copyright law regulates the protection of incorporeal assets, which may have a nancial value and are incident on their creator’s personality. This branch of law regulates the creators’ protection and the rights recognized to them with respect to their work.

2007jan 25

Ευθύνη μελών διοικητικού συμβουλίου αε στα πλαίσια της εταιρικής διακυβέρνησης

Η ευθύνη των µελών του ∆Σ Ανωνύµων Εταιρειών γενικά • Η εσωτερική ευθύνη των µελών του ∆Σ έναντι της εταιρείας • Η ευθύνη των µελών του ∆Σ έναντι τρίτων (ιδιωτών) • Η ευθύνη των µελών του ∆Σ έναντι τρίτων (µη ιδιωτών)